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A compilation of audio tracks are played through the motion activated audio box installed near the bus stop in Fountain Square. As you walk past the box a track plays, and when another person passes, the next track will play and so on and so on.

Pawlus invited fellow artists to create musical compositions intended to give us a good groove and something to consider as we continue on our way along Virginia Avenue. Every artist involved in the project brought something unique and there are still more to come.

Tracks Created by:
Dave Jablonski
Nate Hammond
Andrew Gustin
Tammy Burke
Jorma Whittaker
Chris Schurtz
Amity Monize Aschliman
Devon Ashley
Gabriel Stonerock
Jesse Lee
Rob Funkhouser
Jill Ditmire
Jessica Dunn
Matt Helfrich
Alexis Gideon
Katie Burk
Ian Oehler
Jack Hergenroether
Ken Rose
Kara Beth Rasure
Bekkah Walker
Ted Stahl
Peter King

A Mighty Fine Day Contributors:
John, Joe, Judy, George, Amy and Leah Pawlus
Tom Tirmenstein
Holly Miles
Jill Ditmire
Paula Katz
Travis Belden
Ron and Michelle Melton
Kathryn Armstrong
Ron Warner
Meg Olsen and Leila
Andrew Gustin
Zach and Erin Stahl
Dave Jablonski
Martin Green
Ted Stahl
Ken Rose
Jon Robertson
Scottie May
Beth Winterman
Kristie Lacey

Audio box production: Ted Stahl
Sound Engineering: Dave Jablonski

Life Soundtracks is an ongoing project that was initiated as a Red Line Rapid Transit Bus System Project through 3CIndy: Transit Drives Indy and the Arts Council of Indianapolis.

This project was made possible through Indianapolis’ participation in Transportation for America’s Cultural Corridor Consortium program. Additional support is provided by CICF, IndyGo, and LISC Indianapolis.