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Coming Soon.....Seriously and Life Soundtracks


Coming Soon...Seriously is an artwork created for the launch of the Indy Red Line Rapid Transit System.

Location: Fountain Square neighborhood in Indianapolis

Medium: Polycarbonate, Printed Vinyl, Aluminum, Steel Post
Dimensions: 13’ x 5’ x 8”

The meaning of this piece was intended to change over time in fitting with the two different phases of the Redline.
The first being the construction phase- Coming Soon...Seriously stood to bring a little humor to the temporarily chaotic scene on Virginia Avenue by letting us know that the long awaited bus system was finally in the works and would be up and running soon.

The 2nd phase is right now- the Red Line system is up and running and a bus will actually be coming every 10 minutes. In other words it will always be coming soon.

This is a Red Line Rapid Transit System Project through 3CIndy:
Transit Drives Indy and the Arts Council of Indianapolis

Life Soundtracks is a public art project created by Jamie Pawlus in collaboration with Dave Jablonski for the Indy Redline bus system.

Medium: Motion Activated Audio Player, Solar Panel, Audio

A compilation of audio tracks are played through the motion activated audio box installed near the bus stop. As you walk past the box a track plays, and when another person passes, the next track will play and so on and so on.

Pawlus and Jablonski created and produced tracks along with fellow artists invited to create musical compositions intended to give us a good groove and something to consider as we continue on our way to and from the bus stop. Every artist involved in the project brought something unique and there are still more to come.