WORK > Sanctuary (Apocalyptic Considerations)

Sanctuary (Outhouse)
outhouse; weathered boards, corrugated plastic, cast resin sign, felt crow, found door, interior lighting
Sanctuary Sign
installation detail: cast resin sign on outhouse door
3" x 10"
Blah Blah Blah
found chair, felt crow, acrylic on wall
acrylic paint on wall and floor, fiberglass goat (stolen), rope

This spatial arrangement demonstrates the ways I've been deciphering my strategies for the life I've got left to live- however short or long it may be.

1. Pay more attention to everyone and everything- look for the signs
2. Stop taking everything so seriously- laugh at self
3. Move to a rural environment where I can hear myself think- or figure out how to meditate. Attempt to meditate.
4. Listen to more music- pay attention to the words
5. Get a rooster and a goat
6. Build an outhouse and call it a Sanctuary
7. Fill a space with a few chairs and invite others to hang out so they can be my learning experience and I theirs.
8. Shoot some arrows
9. Look up once in a while and notice birds
10. Read the writing on the wall

Turf, IDADA Pavilion, Indianapolis, Indiana